Fulcrum seeks to make equity investments in rapidly growing businesses that are led by strong entrepreneurs and management teams.  We target companies in a wide array of industries with a particular focus on healthcare, IT and technology enabled business services and provide financing to meet a wide range of needs, including internal growth initiatives, acquisitions, shareholder liquidity buy-outs, recapitalizations, and divestitures.

Fulcrum targets companies with $3 million – $50 million in revenue that are looking to raise $5 – $15 million.  We also consider $2 – $3 million initial investments in companies that expect to raise additional capital over time.  We are comfortable tranching investments to maximize management’s ownership in their company while properly capitalizing the business.

Overall, Fulcrum targets companies with many of the following characteristics:

Financial Paramaters

  • Revenues of $3 – $50 million
  • Proven business model with attractive gross margins
  • Annual growth rate greater than 20%
  • Minority or majority investments
  • Relatively uncomplicated capital structure

Businesses Characteristics

  • Healthcare, information technology and technology enabled operating companies
  • Scalable revenue model
  • Experienced management with committed vested interest
  • 3 -5 year exit horizon
  • Distinctive competitive advantages identified