Scott Dorfman is the Founder, Chairman, & CEO of Innotrac Corporation (NASDAQ: INOC), a full-service provider of customized, technology-based marketing support services to large corporations, primarily in the telecommunications industry. In this role, Mr. Dorfman manages the executive committee and sets the planning, long-term marketing, financial, sales and production goals for the company.

Prior to founding Innotrac in 1984, Mr. Dorfman was employed by Paymaster Checkwriter Company, Inc., an equipment distributor, where he developed and managed Paymaster’s mail order catalog and developed proprietary software to track and analyze marketing programs. Mr. Dorfman founded and served as President of Features Mail Order Catalog, where he gained experience in distribution, tracking and inventory control.

Mr. Dorfman is a member of the Board of Directors of Market Velocity, Inc., The Lake at Northpoint and the Partnership against Domestic Violence

Mr. Dorfman received his BA degree from The University of Georgia in 1979.